Spring 2016: Water

7 reasons to add a water feature to your backyard

By Natalya Jones, January 25, 2016

Adding a water feature could be your best bet if your landscaping budget is tight, you have a small space or you’re looking to add something unique to your green space.

A man made pond, a water wall, or large vase provides not only an aesthetically-pleasing element, but can bring a relaxing ambiance to your urban garden or outdoor space. And, who’s going to complain about the occasional rainbow appearing in the backyard when sunlight hits the running water?

Here are seven reasons to add a water feature to your outdoor space.

1. It’s easy to maintain. 

Adding a pond or water feature may seem like just another tedious household item to manage, but the care is quite simple. Due to the small size of the feature and the lack of chemicals used to clean it, a water feature is much more affordable and simple to clean than a pool.

(photo courtesy of Gregory Case, Elemental Design)

2. It’s light on your budget.

The cost of cleaning water features is relatively low, and the cost of decorating them is just as cheap. Affordable options include water lettuce, water lilies and a few colorful fish. If your water feature is a pond, opt for colorful sea weed in bright colors such as red or yellow to make it stand out.

(photo courtesy of Bryan Chambers, Elemental Design)

3. Add a boost to your mental well-being.

A water feature in your backyard will relax you in more ways than one. Whether it’s the gentle sounds of flowing water that blocks out loud street noise, or merely gazing at the sun beams striking through, a water feature is a natural way to unwind and appreciate nature.

(photo courtesy of Rhadiante Van de Voorde, Elemental Design)

 4. Add a new element of texture.

Water features call for more than a bowl of water and a spigot. The space typically breeds a rainbow of assorted colored plants and moss that can only thrive in a swamp-like environment.  Another popular option includes stones, rocks, and other natural elements that accentuate the feature.

(photo courtesy of Gregory Case, Elemental Design)

5. Perfect excuse for a koi pond.

Tired of the traditional indoor fish tank? A water feature may be a new, innovative home for pet fish.

(photo courtesy of Blair Michener, AJ’s Landscaping and Design)

6. It’s a space-saving alternative.

Urban-dwellers and high-rise apartment renters commiserate! If your backyard or outdoor space is too small for a pool, a water wall or simple fountain with Zen stones is an excellent option for smaller spaces. 

(photo courtesy of Blair Michener, AJ’s Landscaping and Design)

7. Lowers the temperature of your outdoor space…really.

Believe it or not, adding a water fountain or pond can actually lower the temperatures of a backyard or garden. Just think: Relief, on a scorching summer day. Running water will also permit additional aquatic and semi-aquatic plants to grow and persevere in the cooler garden.

(photo courtesy of Jared Meinkowsky, AJ’s Landscaping and Design)