Derrick Bailey, AIA, wants architects to focus on end users' well-being

How terra cotta is undergoing a modern renaissance

Katherine Williams of Riding the Vortex on creating welcoming spaces for Black women in architecture

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Brooklyn design studio CO Adaptive Architecture prioritizes embodied carbon

CO Adaptive Architecture is prioritizing embodied carbon in their designs.

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Could hemp be the residential building material of the future?

Due to its ability to sequester carbon, hemp has landed itself at the forefront of the conversation about natural building.

A Garden of Homes Grows In Reno

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How Detroit-based architect Saundra Little, FAIA, designs for her city

How Detroit-based architect Saundra Little, AIA, designs for her city

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Grunley's Constance Lai, FAIA, on making preservation more inclusive

Constance Lai, FAIA, preservation architect, talks about how the field is changing.

How the Puerto Rican climate inspires Fúster + Architects' designs

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A trauma-responsive facility in Ohio will help crime victims seek justice

JCJ Architecture has designed a prototypical facility where people with disabilities who have been victims of crimes can be interviewed and examined.

In Denver, experimental co-housing offers an affordable housing solution

LGBTQ+ designers are making space for themselves in the profession

Alda Ly Architecture brings user-friendly women's health care to Los Angeles

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How Filipino architect Charles C. Almonte's identity informs his work

Filipino architect Charles C. Alamonte shares his experiences as a designer and historic preservationist.

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Bank On It: How Material Bank Is Disrupting Design

A new e-commerce platform makes it easy for architects to shop for

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Eight factors to consider designing solar-ready roofs

When you're ready to invest in solar, keep all of these steps in mind to design the best roof possible.

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Five easy ways to make your home greener

Whether you're considering a major renovation or looking for some green adjustments, architects are ready to lead you to a more energy-efficient abode.

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Your architect is prepared for construction-ready. Are you?

On-site or in the office, architects can do a lot to keep your project warm during an economic freeze.

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Safety is an investment you need to make now

How the right architect can help your business thrive safely

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Post-COVID, design still matters

Architects are a value-add today, and will create lasting value for you tomorrow if you’re a commercial or institutional owner-client.

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Keep your employees happy and healthy with a well-designed workspace

Looking to increase office productivity? A flexible, well-lit, and well-designed workplace will keep morale high, which means a happier and more efficient staff.

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Live-work spaces inspire creativity and urban revitalization

As demand for artist live-work projects increases, local governments and developers are hiring architects and using these affordable homes and studios to spark urban renewal.

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How materials selection impacts your project and budget

Some of the most important decisions on a construction or renovation project involve what building materials to use. Several architects explain how to best consider budget and style when selecting materials.

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Before adding a sunroom, consult an architect

A sunroom can provide four-season access to nature, but the aesthetics, integration with the rest of the house, and energy conservation issues are best handled by a knowledgeable architect.

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How to be the best client for your architect

Open communication, meeting payment deadlines, and understanding the project schedule are just a few ways to ensure a successful collaboration between architect and client.

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